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Rescu Swimr

Rescu Swim'r Package

Rescu Swim'r Package

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Rescu Swim’r is a device that is attached to a Type IV PFD and allows a person of ANY skill level to easily navigate life saving floatation to an overboard passenger. Life ring is made of hard plastic with a foam inside.

*Rescu Swim’r travels alongside the boat, rather than behind
*After passing the overboard passenger, when you instinctually turn towards the victim, Rescu Swim’r swings out to the side, rather than staying behind the boat
*This allows swift rescue, possible by people who have little to no experience operating a boat
WITH RESCU SWIM'R: 1 min 14 sec average time to get Rescu Swim’r PFD to overboard passenger
WITH A STANDARD PFD: 9 min 51 sec average time to get a standard PFD to an overboard passenger

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 20" Life Ring to USCG standards with Rescu Swim'r, custom-length recovery line, and line-bag.
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